Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Walking on Higgins Beach last night!!
What a beautiful night and a great sunset to boot!!!
You can almost make out the crescent moon  in the upper center of this picture
And this one is just before the sun was completely gone!!
We are working to keep access to the public lands and beaches for Everyone!! 
Please help us achieve our goal by signing the petition to allow the public to vote on any restrictions to the public lands that we all pay taxes on. 
For those interested in signing a petition, we have a table set up at Town Hall Monday through Friday where volunteers will be collecting signatures daily from 10-4.  The petition will also be available Wednesday evening until 6:30, and Thursday night from 6-9 pm at town hall.   We also have more than 50 people collecting signatures throughout the town who are highly motivated, so you may have someone knocking at your door.  If you can't make it to one of our designated petitioning locations and would like to sign, please send us your address and we'll get someone out to you.

In addition to Town Hall, you can also drop by the following locations:

The Dog Paws Inn at 373 Gorham Road

(Mon - Fri from 7-12 and 2-6pm, Sat. 9-12 and 2-4, and Sunday 2-6.  Monday - 10/14 Holiday - 9-12 and 2-4).  

Paws Applause at 27 Gorham Road (Rt. 1  - Oakhill Plaza) 
Tuesday & Thursday 10-12 

Will have petition available when making deliveries,  and will be happy to make special trips to gather signatures from non-customers upon request. 

Many area businesses have agreed to allow petitioners to collect signatures, and we will be posting specifics here as soon as we have volunteers lined up to staff tables at these locations.
Any additional businesses interested in gathering signatures or willing to allow a member of the community to collect them at your place of business, please let us know and we will add your information here on the site listed below!

We realize this is a controversial issue, and there are some who may have had a negative dog experience in the past and do not share our passion and love for dogs.  Signing the petition is simply saying that you agree that the residents of Scarborough should be allowed to have their voice heard on this issue.  The petition will get this issue on the ballot, where it will be up to the people to decide. 
Please Sign Today. 
Preserve Freedom of Access for Everyone!!!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

We have a new webpage!!! 

Please check it out at:

Go on the site to register with the group plus received very important up-dates and information...

Check it out now!!!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Where is every one???

Higgins Beach at 8:15 this Morning.

Where are all the people that suppose to be using the beach??
On Wednesday, October 2, 2013 the Town Council of Scarborough, Maine passed an amended ordinance that restricts dogs on all of the town's public lands.  This new ordinance includes in the definition of public lands to be roadways, sidewalks, parks and beaches!  And this ordinance went into effect at 12:01am on October 3, 2013!!
Here is a quick out-line of the change in the ordinance:
·         Dogs must always be on a leash less than 8 feet long when on Town beaches – even in the winter.

·         Leashes are also always required on all Town streets, sidewalks, parks and fields – leaving no public space to exercise a dog.

·        The “summer season” during which dogs are banned from the beach entirely was extended by two months – it is now April 1st - September 15th.
·         Overnight, Scarborough became one of the most dog-restrictive towns in Maine with dramatic negative consequences for many Town residents, businesses and seasonal visitors.
So, you may ask: "what can I do to help?"
ü  SIGN OUR PETITION to authorize a special election to overturn the amended ordinance.
ü  Ask friends & neighbors to sign the petition.
ü  Learn more about the issue and how to sign a petition by visiting our Facebook Page at :
Dog Owners of Greater Scarborough, ME
ü  Watch for the exact date of the special election to overturn the amended ordinance!
Scarborough already had a thoughtful and well-reasoned beach access policy.  During the summer, it only allowed unleashed dogs under voice control on the beaches from 6-9am; after 5pm dogs were required to be on leashes.  This ordinance considered the needs of beach goers, surfers, fishermen, dog owners and threatened wildlife.  Please help us restore that common-sense access to Scarborough’s beautiful beaches!