Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A little foggy this morning but....

A little foggy on the beach but as you can see the sun is coming out and the temperature is going up!! 
Higgins and Hazel are enjoying their brief morning time on the beach with all the others dogs that so love the freedom they have.  Great social event for dogs and owners alike!!
Please call your councilors and express to them that a new ordinance will not help with the "problem" as they perceive it when the original ordinance is not currently enforced!  Education and Enforcement are the only things that will work.  We don't need more restriction of freedoms; just better enforcement of the current ones!
The Town Council of Scarborough is voting on the new ordinance on August 21st at 7pm at the Municipal Building.  Please make every effort to attend this very important meeting!!
Freedom of Access for Everyone!!


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