Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday morning at Higgins Beach....

Dog Time at the Beach!!!
What a beautiful day this is going to be.  Summer is starting to wind down but we have many wonderful days left to enjoy ..  It's not time to break out the winter coats just yet!!
The Beach Shack is open to all!!
This is what we stumbled upon during the week.  Some very busy young adults built it down near the Spurwink River...excellent job! The sign near the entrance says "Respect the Beach Shack" and people are!!  Haven't been on the beach during the day (working, you know) but hear that everyone is talking about it and the little kids are having a great time using it.
  It's wonderful to see everyone enjoying Higgins Beach, one of our most precious assets.
Keep Beach Access Open to Everyone!!!
Please plan to attend the Scarborough Town Council Meeting
Wednesday August 21st
Scarborough Municipal Building
259 U.S. Route One

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  1. Thanks for starting this group! I'll be there Wednesday evening.